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4. Oktober 2009

Armut in Gaza hat sich verdreifacht

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Laut der UN hat sich die Armut in Gaza dieses Jahr unter der israelischen Blockade verdreifacht.

John Ging, the head of the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in Gaza, told reporters on Thursday that the number of Gazans considerered „abject poor“ had tripled to 300,000 this year, equal to one in five Gazans.

Ging described the situation in the narrow and overcrowded Palestinian territory as „unbearable“ and as a „man-made crisis“, calling on Israel to ease its siege immediately.
He reported that 80,000 families, representing 400,000 Palestinian refugees, had applied to UNRWA for extra assistance.

„We now have three times more hardship cases. People cannot feed their families even with our assistance.
The UN provides food aid to nearly one million Gazans. It defines „abject poor“ as those who cannot feed their families, even with UN assistance.

Will heißen jeder Fünfte ist trotz Hilfe der UN am verhungern.

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