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8. Oktober 2009

Hasst der Europarat die Freiheit?

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Von La quadrature du net.

As the negotiations of the conciliation committee on the Telecoms Package unfold, the Council of the European Union came up with a new, alarming proposal. Member States offered to replace the notorious „amendment 138“ 1, an essential safeguard for citizen’s freedom, with a dangerous „knock-off“ 2. But the new version is not only neutralizing citizens‘ protections adopted twice by 88% of the European Parliament; it reduces legal protections for online activites in an attempt to implement what looks like an open door to a repressive nightmare.

For the Council, the right to a due process, which is crucial to preserve justice in a democracy, could be limited „in order to assure national security, defence, public security, and the prevention, investigation, detection, and prosecution of criminal offences. „.

Restricting Internet access without a prior ruling by the judicial authorities in order to detect and prevent crime? Is this the Council’s vision for the future of European societies? It sounds like for them the right to a fair trial shoud only be an option.

More than ever, the European Parliament must remain firm in its commitment to protecting the freedoms of EU citizens.

Here is the full text of the Council’s unacceptable proposition :

Es ist schon erschreckend, was sich die Oberhäupter der „freien Welt“ unter dem Namen Telekom Paket auskaspern. Aber immer schön die „Unterdrückungsregime“ anprangern.

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